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Bookkeeping Services Buffalo, NY

Bookkeeping can be very time-consuming for small business owners, especially if you do not have a large, dedicated accounting staff. But proper bookkeeping is essential for avoiding issues with taxes, paying staff members on time, and so much more.

So what should you do? Contact Scovazzo Business Consulting right away for outsourced bookkeeping services! We’re an Intuit Certified Advisor, and we can handle all of your bookkeeping needs virtually, using QuickBooks online.

With reasonable pricing and flexible contracts, we’re the #1 choice for small-to-medium-sized businesses who need outsourced bookkeeping services. Learn more about what we do below.

Accounts Payable

Managing accounts payable is essential for reliable tracking of expenditures, and a healthy business. Using QuickBooks, we can handle every aspect of your accounts payable needs.

Our services include:

  • Daily invoice processing
  • Payments to vendors, including cost accounting
  • ACH electronic payment processing
  • Work-in-process reporting

Accounts Receivable

If you’re managing accounts receivable on your own, your revenue may be suffering because of late payments and other issues. Trust SBC with all of your accounts receivable tasks, such as:

  • Invoice management
  • Collections services
  • ACH/wire receipts
  • Customer reporting status
  • Outstanding balance/unpaid account reporting

Payroll Management Services

As your company grows, payroll becomes harder and harder to manage. With just a few employees, it’s easy to disburse payments quickly – but with a large number of workers, things grow in complexity quickly. Here are just a few of our payroll services:

  • Electronic pay stub processing
  • Direct deposit
  • Timesheet reconciliation
  • Check disbursement
  • Processing of yearly and quarterly tax returns (both W-2 and 1099 contractors)

Banking Management

Managing the day-to-day banking tasks of your business can be a serious hassle. As your business grows, you have to deal with regular deposits, cash flow projections, analytics, and much more. Let us handle your banking requirements – as you focus on growing your business! We offer:

  • Bank account reconciliation
  • EFT and ACH direct deposits
  • Courier services contracting for cash deposits and valuables
  • Daily bank balance reports and analytics
  • Cash flow projection reports
  • Business health reporting and profitability metrics

Contact SBC For Professional Bookkeeping Services Today!

Proper bookkeeping is essential for a healthy business, avoiding issues with taxes, and for timely payment of employees. But as your business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to handle things on your own – and hiring a full-time employee may be prohibitively expensive.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to struggle through the world of small business bookkeeping alone. Contact SBC now, and see how our flexible contracts and outsourced accounting services can help your business succeed.