Strategic Small Business Planning

Business Planning For Small Businesses

Strategic Planning Based On Your Strengths & Goals

It doesn't take a pair of the founding father's bifocals to see what he meant by the quote, "Just try starting a business without a plan." Business owners must develop and follow a fine-tuned business plan to start a successful business. This framework helps a company track its progress to ensure that it is building a profitable business.

Last year alone, Small Business Consulting (SBC) helped empower and develop the visions of 13 entrepreneurs to create new businesses that are now successfully operating and flourishing. With over 25 years of experience, Dennis Scovazzo motivates his team to consistently provide top-quality service and expertise while helping new businesses get started.

      "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

A Solid Business Plan Is Key To Success

Our team works with you to understand your company's visions and goals to create a lasting solid strategical foundation. We help clients create a company overview that outlines the organization of the company and the type of corporation (LLC, partnership, corporation, etc.), in addition to the legal name and location of the business. We will also create a concise yet creative and audience-attracting mission statement that completely encompasses your vision. Mirroring your corporate philosophy, it will clearly define the purpose of the product or service of your business and the goals you have for success.

The business plan includes a section creatively designed to spark an interest in your idea, product, or service through a detailed description. This outline contains pricing information, unique qualities of the product or service, and evidence to support the benefits and impact the product or service will have on the targeted market. Formulating a market analysis section that outlines the market and industry and provides in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that control your target market is also necessary to include in your business plan. We also include marketing, operational, and financial plans in your completed document.

Next Steps

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No matter what stage you are in with creating your business plan, we can help! Our business-minded professionals and our creative writing team can help you launch your dream into reality with a business plan that stands out.