Business Startup Services Buffalo, NY

Business Startup Buffalo, NY

If you’re interested in starting a new small business, there’s a lot you need to do. You need to register with the government, get an EIN, create a website, begin creating marketing materials, start bookkeeping, prepare for taxes – the list could go on and on.

We know that it’s intimidating to start a new business. That’s why Scovazzo Business Consulting offers comprehensive business startup services that can help you jumpstart your new venture!

Whether you’re leaving another company and starting a new firm, or you’re an entrepreneur dipping your toes into the world of small businesses, we’re here to help. Learn more about our services below.

Our Business Startup Services

We offer customizable business startup services to all of our clients.  Here’s a short list of the services that we offer!

  • Setting up legal structure – Whether you’re interested in an LLC, cooperative, sole proprietorship, C or S corporation, or partnership, we can help you understand the pros – and cons – of each business, and choose the right legal structure.
  • Create articles of incorporation – To begin operating as a business, you will need to compile and file articles of incorporation to legally create it. We can help with the creation of these documents.
  • Taxation and business name registration – From obtaining an EIN and registering with the IRS, to registering your business name and trademarks with relevant authorities, we can handle every step of the process.
  • Business permit and licensing acquisition – If you need a license or permit to begin your business, SBC can help. We are familiar with the process of permitting and licensing, and can help you fill out and file the relevant paperwork quickly!
  • Bookkeeping setup and training – Accounting and proper bookkeeping are essential for your new business. Using QuickBooks, we can train you or an employee on modern bookkeeping systems, or even take over accounting for you on a contract basis!
  • Business plan ideation and creation – Before you start your business, it’s important to have a business plan in place. This plan will help you track your company’s progress, and ensure that you are building a profitable business.


  • Creation of business processes – Streamlined business processes are critical for building an effective business. From customer acquisition to delivery of services, we can build processes that maximize customer retention and satisfaction, and minimize inefficiencies.
  • Identification of business needs – Every business has different needs for employees, growth, profitability, and more. We can define these needs based on your unique business, and ensure that you have a plan in place to grow.
  • Marketing material creation – From business cards to signage, print ads and brochures, and even online search engine marketing, we can aid you throughout every step of the marketing and advertising process.
  • Website development and email management – Our team of web developers can create a new website for you, or modernize your existing online presence. In addition, we can set up email addresses for you and any employees of your business.


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At SBC, we’re proud to serve small businesses with expert startup services. So get the experienced, professional help that you need to start a new business venture! Contact us today to inquire about the pricing of our customized business startup consulting packages.