Social Media Management For Your Small Business

Small Business Social Media Management

With more than three billion people using social media every month and 11 new users every second, it is basic math that social media deserves to be an essential piece of a company's marketing strategy. Popular social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram help businesses connect with their customers and therefore increase brand awareness. Social platforms are often seen as a doorway to a company's website and increase leads and sales. At SBC, we understand that small business owners cannot do it all, and we are here to help with a social media manager.

Social Media Management

Hiring an SBC social media manager can ensure that your social media presence is a priority without adding stress to your workload.

Our social media specialists:

  • Create & Schedule Content
  • Encourage Engagement with Your Online Audience
  • Create Social Media Advertisements
  • Help Reach New Customers
  • Post Industry Relevant Content
  • Increase "Likes" and "Followers"
  • Respond to Online Inquiries
  • Improve and Maintain a Company's Reputation
  • Share Customer Success Stories and Press Releases
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Provide Support

Our experts in handling social media activity develop long-term marketing goals by creating a strategy to publish original and engaging content to targeted audiences.

You Can't Afford NOT to Hire a Social Media Manager

Admit it; you cannot do it all. And you may think that you cannot afford to hire a social media manager, but honestly, you cannot afford NOT to! All businesses need a social media presence, and SBC makes it affordable too. If you aren't making social media a priority, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach a massive amount of your targeted audience worldwide. Americans alone average more than two hours a day on social media, while South Americans average almost three and a half hours a day.

Is your online profile keeping you from reaching potential customers?

Contact SBC today to learn more about increasing your social media platform presence with a social media manager. We can help your brand's personality shine through with customized content, customer engagements, and continual support. The sooner we start developing a plan, the faster you will see the growth in your business.