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Navigating the complex world of online marketing can be very confusing for small business owners. Your job is to build a business and serve your customers – not understand the difference between SEO and SEM, PPC, AdWords, and all of these other complicated online marketing tools!


So don’t go it alone. Scovazzo Business Consulting has been serving small businesses with end-to-end online marketing services for years. We’re experts at online marketing – so that you don’t have to be!


And with our no-contract policy and affordable rates, you can get as much help with your marketing strategy as you need – and you don’t have to be worried about getting locked into an expensive contract. We’re here to serve you – not just boost our bottom line! Learn more about our online marketing services now.


What We Do – Online Marketing Services From Scovazzo Business Consulting


We can handle every aspect of online marketing. Here are just a few of the services we provide:


  • PPC Management Services – Pay-Per-Click advertisements on search engines like Google and Bing are extremely powerful for driving traffic to your website, and boosting conversion rates. We can manage PPC advertisements to ensure that you target the right demographic, and boost your Return On Investment (ROI).


  • AdWords Optimization – Google AdWords is one of the best PPC tools on the market, but if you do not optimize your ads, you may not get the best results. We can optimize your campaign to ensure you outpace the competition.
  • Keyword Research – Targeting the right keywords is essential for Search Engine Optimization, and beating other local and international businesses. We specialize in comprehensive keyword research, including long-tail keywords, that will help you boost your profile in major search engines like Google and Bing.


  • Website Optimization And SEO – We can optimize your website to ensure it loads quickly, and has a high SEO profile in major search engines. In turn, this makes it easier for customers to find you, and more likely to use your services and products.
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  • Comprehensive Campaign Building – If you want a fully hands-off AdWords or SEM campaign, we can do it all. From initial research to optimization of your website, reporting, and building of custom content to promote your service and products!
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Social Media Marketing is difficult because Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and every other platform uses different pricing rates and advertising guidelines. So don’t go it alone! We can handle the creation and promotion of ads on all major social media websites.
  • Reporting And Analytics – All of our services come with comprehensive analytics and reporting. We create regular status updates, whitepapers, and documents that show the effectiveness of our efforts – ensuring that you always know where your money is going, and how we’re performing.


You can choose from one or all of these services, based on your needs! And with great rates and no contract, there’s absolutely no risk to you. So get started today!


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At SBC, we do it all. From online marketing management to bookkeeping and accounting with QuickBooks, and the preparation of taxes for your company!

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