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A great website is key to the success of just about any business. The statistics don’t lie – today’s customers expect a seamless, modern online web experience. And if they don’t get it, they may not use your services, or buy your products!

39% of customers will leave a website if the images and content takes too long to load, according to Hubspot. And the same study shows that 38% of customers will stop interacting with a website if the content and layout is unattractive or outdated.

Obviously, a great website is very important. But with so much to do as your small business, how are you supposed to find the time to create, host, and manage a new website? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to!

At SBC, we offer comprehensive web design, website management, and email management services to our clients. Read on to learn more!

Website Design Service

We work with the best designers in the business to create custom websites that are specific to your industry, needs, and particular tastes. With a huge variety of modern templates, interactive and mobile-friendly designs, and fully customizable services, we can do it all!

Whether you want a simple, low-cost website that will satisfy your needs, or are interested in complex, interactive custom website design, we can build whatever you need.

Website Hosting & Management

Designing a new website is just the first part of the puzzle. Website management is just as important – you need to keep your website updated with fresh content, and ensure that it’s easy to find on modern search engines. We offer a variety of website management solutions:

  • Content Management – We can build custom content that will boost your SEO profile, and help you connect with potential customers!
  • Digital Marketing Services – From SEO and SEM to Social Media Marketing, we can help you advertise and market your website everywhere on the web!
  • E-Commerce Platform Implementation – Interested in adding eCommerce capabilities to your website? We’re familiar with all major modern eCommerce platforms and implementations!
  • Search Engine Optimization – We can boost your SEO profile. With comprehensive keyword research, optimization, and the rewriting/optimization of your website’s layout and content, we can make sure you’re competing for the best keywords in major search engines!
  • Domain Management – We can manage, control, and monitor multiple web domains, making us a great choice if you have multiple domains that are connected to your business!

We offer customized services with no long-term contracts, so contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Email Management

We can set up, manage, and administer email addresses for your entire company, based on your specific needs. In addition, we can set up specialized email addresses, such as information request and customer service email addresses, and monitor them for your company!


Contact SBC Today – Get The Professional Services You Need!

A modern website is absolutely critical for the success of your small-to-medium-sized business. So get in touch with us now, and learn more about our website creation, hosting, and management solutions.

We don’t just do websites, either! SBC can help with a whole host of other services – from taxes, accounting, and bookkeeping using Quickbooks, to virtual digital assistants! Learn more on our website about how we can help your business.